The Steam Summer sale has already started with huge discounts


The Steam summer sale has begun with big discounts on a wide range of genres and franchises. The annual sale has earned a reputation for particularly generous offers and, along with the Steam Winter Sale, is one of the biggest events of the year for PC gamers.

Steam is well known for holding various sales dedicated to various franchises, genres, developers and seasons. While he usually holds weekly sales covering a certain range of games, such as the recent Warhammer SKULLS sale, his annual seasonal sales cover a lot of places and tend to find something for everyone. These larger seasonal sales also tend to include some sort of mini-game or event where players can participate to earn various prizes such as profile badges, avatars, and profile backgrounds. The points earned for purchases can also be used to unlock time-limited settings and even emoticons in the chat.

There are big discounts on an incredible number of games during this sale, including such famous hits as The Witcher 3 with an 80% discount and Red Dead Redemption 2 with a 50% discount. However, the sale is not limited to older games, as those recently released on Steam are also offered with rare discounts, including Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands and Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade with a 20% and 29% discount, respectively. Many of the best-selling retail platform games are available at lower prices, such as Monster Hunter Rise, V Rising and Sea of Thieves. The sale also includes the categories “Up to $10” and “Up to 75% Discount”, which allows gamers to discover the best deals.

In keeping with the tradition of interesting seasonal Steam events, this sale is also accompanied by a scavenger hunt involving Klortax, a time-traveling trickster. Clicking on the “Free Fun This Way” button on the Steam homepage leads to an introduction to the scavenger hunt, during which Clorthax hid 10 games throughout the store. A hint is provided for the first game, and clicking on the hint will direct players to the appropriate category on Steam, where you can find the game in question. After finding the hint for the next game will become available. Various rewards, such as profile avatars and a profile icon, are rewarded for each discovery.

Gamers have a few weeks to find all 10 games dedicated to scavenging and choose a few games from their wish lists before it’s all over. In case gamers miss out on this sale, Steam’s Winter Sale later this year will probably offer many of the same discounts.

The Steam Summer Sale runs from June 23 to July 7 at 10:00 Pacific Time.