The Steam port of Final Fantasy 7 Remake makes it more accessible, and that’s great


Despite the fact that many fantastic games were released in the same calendar year, Final Fantasy 7 Remake is widely considered one of its unbridled successes. Few believed that the game might never see the light of day, let alone that it would become a game worthy of the story it tells. When it appeared in the spring of 2020, it brought back the hearts of those who were familiar with Cloud, Tifa, Aeris and Barrett, winning a completely new audience who liked the changes made to the game 23 years ago. Now that FF7 Remake has first appeared on Steam, more players than ever can experience this story.

As is often the case with many AAA releases, Final Fantasy 7 Remake turned out to be exclusive to consoles, despite being developed by a third party. Square Enix decided to abandon Xbox and Steam in favor of PlayStation and Epic Games Store for PC users, but the latter was criticized for poor optimization. It is clear that a new approach was needed, and Steam may finally be the solution. In a game that focuses its story on a desperate quest to save the world, it’s fitting that more players have the opportunity to experience this.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake — something Special

Since the blocky textures and inconsistent controls of the original looked incredibly outdated these days, it became clear that Final Fantasy 7 needed a new life. The long development cycle ended in 2020, and critics praised many of the game’s features, and for good reason. After the release of the Yuffie DLC, many called it the best way to get to know the story, and it quickly became one of the PlayStation 4’s swan songs.

The Final Fantasy 7 Remake combat system was an organic combination of the action mechanics popularized in Final Fantasy 15 and the more strategic battles on the menu from Final Fantasy 7, requiring great skills to master them, but not just to have fun. The characters were charming as always, the presentation was impeccable, and, most importantly, she seemed familiar to fans of the original. In many ways, Final Fantasy 7 Remake negates the need to experience what happened before, so although the HD remaster of Cloud’s Journey has been on Steam since 2013, the appearance of Remake on the platform is much more tempting.

Accessibility is the best ability

The exclusivity of the PlayStation console in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake was loved and hated by fans of many gaming beliefs. For Xbox users, it was a great shame not to see the story of Cloud and the company in a system that sorely lacked really good JRPGs. However, PlayStation fans were delighted with the exclusivity, as it gave the system another advantage over Microsoft. Remake granted the same privileges to PlayStation 4 users as the original, for those who chose to buy the original PlayStation instead of the Nintendo 64, as it was only on the Sony system when it appeared in 1997.

The remake of the classics, finally appearing on Steam, gives the platform another game synonymous with PlayStation, which can be played on Valve’s revolutionary showcase. This means that Final Fantasy 7 Remake follows in the footsteps of God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn, which appeared on Steam some time ago. This also means that, depending on system requirements, the game, which many consider to be one of the best in 2020, is available to anyone with a PC and Steam, which could lead to it hitting the homes of millions of people around the world. The move means increased sales for Square Enix and more fun for players looking to experience the suffocating walls of Midgar for the first time.

While many fans of Final Fantasy 6 or Final Fantasy 9 were salivating over the remake of their favorite game, this was always the seventh game to receive a remake. Now, after more than two years, it will appear in the most visited computer game store, and new views can be drawn to the game, which many have called a masterpiece. Accessibility is very important in games, and the first step to bringing the game to more players is to make sure that it is easily accessible to those who want to play it. The inclusion of Final Fantasy 7 Remake on Steam is an important step towards achieving this goal.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Intergrade is available on PC, PS4 and PS5.