The Status of Yuri’s Relationship in SNSD in 2023: Did The Idol Have a Blind Date With a BIGBANG Member?


Did you know that Yuri from SNSD almost met THIS BIGBANG member? However, they chose to remain friends.

That’s what we know.

Rumors about Yuri’s affair from SNSD: a useful story of a blind date with Taeyang from BIGBANG

Among the female groups of the second generation, the members of T-ARA, Wonder Girls, KARA, NINEMUSE and others are now married and have their own family.

In 2023, Yuri, the beautiful “black pearl” of Girls’ Generation, will be 34 years old. However, she is focused on her career as both an idol and an actress. There is currently no news that she is dating anyone.

However, this does not mean that Yuri is not trying to get to know someone. In fact, she had a few relationship rumors in the past, but one of the most useful was the story of her blind date with BIGBANG’s Taeyang.

New K-pop fans may not know this, but Old SONEs (SNSD fans) and VIPs (BIGBANG fans) will surely remember the idol’s heartbreaking confession about this.

In particular, blind date was revealed in 2010, when Taeyang appeared in the SBS program “Strong Heart”.

There he confessed:

“I haven’t had a girlfriend in the last few years, so I have a very strong desire to meet a girl. I wanted to get a girlfriend during this year. I want to do it.”

Upon hearing this, his then-accomplice Seungri exposed Taeyang, who was secretly attending a Girls’ Generation concert alone.

The confused idol explained:

“During the preparation for the album, I was not in the public eye for a long time, so my personality became more gloomy. Therefore, people were very worried and wanted to introduce me to a friend.

I went to eat with a light heart, because I heard that this girl has a very good character and she will be a good friend, and it turned out to be Yuri from Girls Generation.”

BIGBANG’s Taeyang: Yuri’s first impression of SNSD — that’s why they didn’t stay together

As the show went on, Taeyang shared his first impression of the “Gee” singer.

“(Yuri) is very bright and young, but she is such a good person who can communicate. I was at a concert once and she’s a friend and colleague who talks a lot about music (with me).”

Seungri, who was a classmate of Yuri’s at university, also heard the same thing from an idol about Taeyang.

It is clear that both stars have drawn the line by remaining close friends.

Taeyang stressed:

“If I thought about Yuri that way (girlfriend), I wouldn’t be able to go out and talk to her like that. She is a valuable person among the few friends around me. The Generation concert was also a valuable experience. I’m looking forward to great performances in the future.”

In 2015, it was announced that Yuri was dating baseball player Oh Seung-hwan, but they later broke up.

In the same year, Taeyang made public his relationship with Min Hyo Rin, his current wife, whom he married in 2018.


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