The stars of the 90-day groom, whom fans consider too titled


At the moment, the 9th season of “The Groom for 90 Days” has been on the air for some time, and some fans are repelled by how arrogant and powerful some actors act. Usually there are a number of reasons why viewers call these reality TV stars cool, and some stars of the series “90-day groom” tick all the boxes in terms of annoying fans.

Viewers are quick to scold them for their behavior. That’s because they don’t necessarily see it as a good way to strengthen a stable relationship. In particular, novels that are unique enough to be shown in the series are fraught with unusual problems.

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There have been so many 90-day celebrities who have been marked as too titled during the nine seasons of the series. This season is no exception, some immigrants seem selfish. For other couples, it is the US resident who behaves as if he expects special treatment. Here is a list of actors of the 90-day groom, whom fans consider completely spoiled.

Kara Bass

Kara Bass, who recently married her Venezuelan fiance Guillermo Rojer, was considered too plausible in their relationship. She is perceived as quite controlling and self-centered. She tends to put herself and her position on things above her fiance’s point of view. The fact that she drinks sometimes can also be a problem. Even her own wedding wasn’t reason enough for her to stop going to parties. A Reddit user, u/Mrswhittemore, said: “Meanwhile, his heartless Punishment is the same as I CAN’T GO TO MY WEDDING SOBER. She’s just a terrible person.” Hopefully we’ll see less of this as her marriage progresses.

Mohamed Abdelhamed

Mohamed Abdelhamed is the fiance of Yvette Arellano from Egypt. The couple attracted a lot of media attention from fans of the 90-day-old groom, mainly because of Mohamed’s behavior towards Eve. Mohamed has been quite a controlling personality ever since he landed in the States. He said that Eve should obey him and also accept Islam (which she refused). He also imposed some standards on her, not to mention how persistently he tried to get a green card. His behavior towards her definitely angered the fans. One fan took to Reddit to express this intense annoyance. u/Neverthat23 said, “He never says thank you or that he loves her or appreciates/likes her. I don’t understand why she did it. I am sure that when he starts working, things will only get worse.”

Emily Biberli

Reality TV star Emily Biberli is engaged to the father of her child Kobi Blaze, who hails from Cameroon. She lives with her parents and Kobi. Since his arrival in the United States, she has been a rather domineering woman, barely leaving him time alone with his son Koban. Since she lives with her parents, she sees no need to support herself and relies on her parents to provide her with everything she needs. Emily doesn’t seem to want to stop this lifestyle anytime soon.

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Fans of the 90-day-old groom also found it pretty awful when she bought herself an engagement ring, suggesting that Kobe might not be able to buy it. She claimed that she had expensive tastes, and she would have agreed to at least one carat ring, which she bought for herself. Redditor u/Primary-Reaction6582 noted this in a comment: “Emily is a narcissist, and she doesn’t care about Kobi or her parents! This is ridiculous! And where she gets the money to buy her own ring. What is this? a whole show, a fake soap opera?” It’s obvious that fans have problems with 90DF celebrities who seem to be expecting the moon and stars.


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