The “Star Wars” theory claims that Han Solo was force-sensitive (does it work?)


Han Solo did not have to be a Jedi or a Sith to become one of Star Wars‘ most popular characters, but there are those who believe the iconic scoundrel was Force-sensitive. While Han Solo eventually witnessed Luke and Darth Vader in action, it took a lot of time before the character would believe in the Force. That said, as unlikely as it might sound, there are hints through the Star Wars movies that Han Solo himself could have been a Force-sensitive all along – one who never found out about his gift.

In the original trilogy, Han Solo is one of the first characters to acknowledge the Force and what it means for the galaxy. However, Han Solo firmly refused to believe that there was an all-powerful Force dictating the course of the universe. Han made sure to highlight that he had seen a lot of strange stuff around the galaxy, which makes sense given his experience as a smuggler, but there was nothing that could make him believe there was an energy field controlling his life. While it is not clear from which moment Han Solo started to believe in the Force, it could have not taken too long after the events of A New Hope for that to be the case.

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Han Solo’s arc of going from someone who does not believe in the Force to the person who first explains to Rey and Finn what the Force is during Star Wars: The Force Awakens was one of the most interesting things about the character’s journey in the Star Wars films. However, according to many theories, including one from long before Star Wars: The Force Awakens (via Reddit), Han Solo already had a strong connection with the Force way before he met Luke and Leia. Those theories suggest that Han was Force-sensitive all along, as a way to explain many of the skills that the character displays in the Star Wars movies, comics, and novels. Han Solo was never seen doing something that could only be attributed to a Force-sensitive person, but the character indeed has far more luck and abilities than most of the non-Force sensitive seen in Star Wars.

Han Solo’s Piloting Skills Are Way Too Good

Anakin Skywalker may have been the best starship pilot in the galaxy per Obi-Wan, but that was before the Jedi master met Han Solo. In the Star Wars original trilogy alone, Han Solo is seen flying through an asteroid field – something that could be difficult even for the Millenium Falcon’s computer –, breaking Darth Vader’s squadron siege on the Death Star to save Luke, and camouflaging the Millennium Falcon by attaching the ship to an Imperial cruiser. Before the events of the original trilogy, Han Solo had made a name for himself and for the Millennium Falcon by making the Kessel Run in the shortest way possible, 12 parsecs.

Han Solo Is Also Way Too Lucky

Besides his piloting skills, Han Solo is also extremely lucky. Whether Han Solo shot first or not may be a never-ending debate, but the fact is that Harrison Ford’s character managed to shoot Greedo right when he needed to. Han also defied odds every time he was aboard the Millennium Falcon, similar to how Luke got to hit an impossible target in the first Death Star. Han managed to escape Jabba The Hutt for years, and there were no situations from which the smuggler could not get out. Han Solo spends a significant part of his life fighting alongside two Force sensitives, Luke and Leia, and yet he always managed to keep up. Even when Han Solo was blind from the carbonite side effects, he got to fight Boba Fett and save Lando from the Sarlacc Pit.

Theory: Han Solo Is A Force Sensitive

One possible takeaway from Han Solo’s skills and experiences is that the character was Force-sensitive and did not know about it. It is important to notice that some of the best pilots in the Star Wars universe are Force-sensitives, such as Anakin, Luke, and Rey. The Force is one of the reasons why those three characters have always been so good at flying, and it could also be the reason why Han Solo is such an exceptional pilot. Likewise, while Han Solo’s recurrent luck might be just a part of the character’s charm, it could also be a consequence of him being Force-sensitive. That would be similar, for example, to Ezra Bridger, who defied all the odds to survive alone in a galaxy taken by the Empire – just like Han Solo. Han Solo had a few years of training in the Empire Academy, but nothing that compares with other skillful, non-Force sensitive Star Wars warriors like the Mandalorians. If Han Solo was Force-sensitive all along then his triumphs against the Empire and other threats in the galaxy would have a tangible explanation.

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What Han Solo Being A Force Sensitive Means For Star Wars

If Han Solo was Force-sensitive, that means Obi-Wan, Luke, and Leia all failed to notice it. That could be explained by the fact Han Solo himself was never aware of it and never had any sort of training. Han Solo being Force-sensitive would also add a spin on the fact he did not believe in the Force when, in fact, there was indeed an energy field specifically helping him throughout his adventures with Chewbacca. Han Solo being strong with the Force would also better explain why Kylo Ren is so powerful, as both of his parents would be Force sensitives. The scene in which Han Solo appears to Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker would also receive a new meaning, making Han’s appearance something close to a Force ghost.

The Problems With The Han Solo Is Force Sensitive Theory

Han Solo as a Force-sensitive might offer better reasoning as to why he is so talented in many different segments, but it also removes a lot from what made Han Solo so interesting in the first place. Star Wars was created by George Lucas a mixture of different genres and styles who had inspired the filmmaker, such as Westerns and Akira Kurosawa’s films. While the Samurai-inspired Jedi relate to the latter, Han Solo symbolizes the former. Han Solo was meant to be Star Wars’ space cowboy, which by itself was a testament to how endles the possibilities were in the universe George Lucas created. In a world where most of the important characters are Jedi, Sith, and Force-sensitives in general, Han Solo was the unexpected hero.

If Han Solo was Force-sensitive all along, then a lot of what made the character so interesting in the first place would be lost. Han Solo’s skills and feats would no longer be a product of his talent and charming luck, but rather just something that could be attributed to the Force. As interesting as the Han Solo is Force sensitive theory might be, it would remove more interesting elements from the Star Wars lore than it would add.



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