The star of “Stranger things” answered Max’s question.


The star of the TV series “Stranger Things” Sadie Sink addresses the overlooked and still unanswered mystery of season 4 concerning her character Max. The flagship Netflix series has returned after three years without Hawkins and his heroic residents to become the most watched English-language series on the platform and continue the development of an exciting storyline. The fourth season introduced new storylines and characters, and sowed the seeds of the alleged deaths of Steve and others. The rapid rise of Vekna as the main villain of the series today endangers the entire cast, already threatening the death of one popular figure skater.

Max’s story in season 4 abruptly took a different path after the death of her brother Billy, her breakup with Lucas and the departure of her best friend Eleven. Billy, in particular, continues to haunt her because Max believes it’s her fault that her relative is no longer alive. This specific injury makes her vulnerable to the nefarious grip of Vecna, who uses the pain of his victims and weakens them until they are mature enough to kill. Before Max’s tense encounter with Vecna in his lair of reason, she wrote a series of letters to her friends in case she never got out, the contents of which are still unknown.

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Emily Longeretta of Variety asked Sink about these letters in a new interview and whether the actress knows what they contain. Sink states that she doesn’t know, but has some personal ideas about the character’s thoughts. “In my free time and in my dreams, I have an idea of what she would probably want to say to each individual person.” Sink states that he wants to shoot a scene in which the characters read letters, but also confirms that she is not privy to any plans for season 5. Check out the full quote below:

I’m not! In my free time and in my dreams, I have an idea of what she will probably want to say to each specific person. I don’t know anything about the plans for the fifth season, but I can’t wait to find out what’s out there. I want to have a scene where the letters are read. I think it’s so typical of Max that she literally looks death straight in the eye, but still she can’t tell someone face to face how much they mean to her, or talk to someone sincerely. The fact that she had to put it in letters and not even be around when they were read, it was like, yeah, that’s it. But I’d like to see what’s inside these emails.

The letters may have been overlooked in episode 4 “Dear Billy” thanks to the virality of Kate Bush’s “Running Up the Hill,” but they still remain a mystery. Sink’s response confirms that fans will not discover the letter sketches in the last two episodes of season 4, but this makes their possible disclosure even more important for the development of Max’s character. As the actress noted, the property of her heroine to keep her emotions under lock and key justifies impersonal communication, but this is what she must overcome.

Sink’s ignorance of the contents of the letters may mean that even the Duffer brothers don’t know where Max’s relationship with the cast of “Very Strange Cases” will go, but it may also hint at a darker reality. Despite Max’s escape from Vecna, her ultimate survival is still not guaranteed, and letters can still play a role if she dies and makes unexpected confessions public. If they remain closed, Max can finally get rid of her secretive nature and become the strong and sociable person she wants to be.