The star of the third season of the TV series “Evil” told what she hopes will happen to Leland Townsend


Evil star Kristin Lahti reveals what she hopes will happen to villain Leland Townsend. Lahti plays Cheryl Luria in the Paramount+ supernatural drama, in which forensic psychologist Dr. Kristen Bouchard (Katya Herbers) works with Catholic expert David Acosta (Mike Coulter)¬†and contractor Ben Shakir (Aasif Mandvi) to investigate cases that may have a clear significance. the metaphysical component. During its existence and during the transition from the CBS broadcast network to a streaming service, more and more long-term stories appeared in the series, which complemented its “business of the week” elements.

One of the most confusing stories is related to the relationship between Cheryl and Leland (Michael Emerson). Cheryl, Kristen’s mom and Kristen’s children’s grandmother, is getting closer to the dark side in her reluctant relationship with Leland. In fact, in the third season of “Evil,” Leland and Cheryl work together to paralyze Kristen’s husband Andy (played by Patrick Brummall) and keep him captive. Viewers are wondering again: what exactly is going on with Cheryl?

During an interview with Screen Rant at Comic-Con 2022 in San Diego, Lahti revealed what she hoped would eventually happen to Leland. The Emmy Award-winning actress said she hopes, eventually, that Cheryl will overcome Leland, and believes that this is the ultimate goal of her character. She added that despite Cheryl’s plot to kidnap and paralyze Andy, her dream would be for Kristen and Cheryl to work together to stop whatever Leland is planning. Lahti’s quote is given below.

“I hope Cheryl breaks Leland. I think that’s Cheryl’s ultimate goal. She pretends to be under his influence. She needed him and [used] him, but I think it’s all about eventually breaking him.

“My dream would be for Kristen and Cheryl to destroy it together. There’s something redemptive about it, [because] I know she’s going to get a little mad at me when she finds out about her husband on the shelf.”

Lahti’s comments give a slightly positive view of the fact that Cheryl herself is increasingly becoming a villain, even working for a company that essentially specializes in inciting hatred and discord. It’s possible that Cheryl is still working on some kind of long-term scam. After all, Leland had humiliated her more than once, and she was unlikely to forgive and forget. Or maybe it’s because Leland somehow possessed her more than the audience expected. Evil season 3, continuing the established trend of the show, picked up stories and omitted others at will. And, as a result, it is difficult to be completely sure of what is happening.

But one positive aspect of this approach is that everything remains possible. It’s too late to completely discount Cheryl. And if Lahti’s hopes come true, we can just see how mother and daughter work together, despite their differences. It’s even possible that once Leland’s threats to her family and grandchildren become apparent, Cheryl’s devotion will crystallize. Viewers will soon find out that there is very little time left before the end of the third season of “Evil”.


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