The star of the third season of the series “Orville” told about the sweet tribute of the actors to Norm McDonald


Almost a year has passed since the actor’s death, and Jay Lee tells how he and the actors of the third season of “Orville” reacted to the death of Norm McDonald. The sci-fi series created by Seth MacFarlane pays homage to the original Star Trek series and is inspired by it, mixing the unique humor of the creator of Family Guy with the space adventures of the cult series Gene Roddenberry. MacFarlane also leads the cast of “Orville” as ship Captain Ed Mercer along with Adrianne Palicki, Penny Johnson Gerald, Scott Grimes, Peter Macon, Jessica Zohr, Lee, Mark Jackson and Ann Winters.

For the first time, “Orville” was first shown on Fox at the end of 2017 and received generally negative reviews from critics, who negatively pointed out its tonal inconsistencies and inability to find its own voice. The second season of the series received critical acclaim for the best balance of humor with thoughtful storytelling, earning a third season extension from the producers of 20th Television, which will instead air on Hulu after Disney’s acquisition of 21st Century Fox. The third season of the series “Orville” still receives mostly positive reviews from critics, although both reviewers and fans of the series lost one major star after their death, and one actor talks about the loss.

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During an exclusive conversation with Screen Rant to discuss the new season, Jay Lee spoke about the death of Norm McDonald before the premiere of the third season of Orville. The actor said that he and his co-stars texted each other after hearing the news and gathered at Seth MacFarlane’s house to review McDonald’s work as the author of the late comic. See what Lee shared below:

“Oh, it was terrible, the actors immediately wrote [to each other]. Even off the show, Norm was a legend. I grew up listening and watching him, so being with him on the show was very, very important to me. I think we ended up going to Seth’s house that night or the next night, and we just watched a bunch of old stand-ups and clips and had a couple drinks in his honor. It was nice that we opened the season with this for him. He brought so much to the series, just his name and voice. You know, it’s hard to make an animated CGI character seem real, especially since you have this storyline with him and Claire. He was very, very talented, and I think we all miss him.”

MacDonald starred in “Orville” as Lieutenant Yafit, a jelly-like werewolf engineer who is initially introduced as often vying for the affections of Dr. Claire Finn from Penny Johnson Gerald, despite her rejections and his frequent flirtations with other women on the ship. Yafit, however, was an integral part of many adventures on the ship, initially disappointed that he was transferred to the position of chief engineer in favor of John Lamarr from J. Lee, but he established a connection with his colleague and worked to protect Claire’s children from the invasion of the Caylons. . MacDonald briefly appeared in person in the second season of “Orville,” when Yafit used the ship’s holodeck in hopes of courting Claire while she struggled with her feelings for Mark Jackson’s Isaac.

Although Norm McDonald was technically considered a recurring star, Norm McDonald’s work on “Orville” was generally considered the central point of the series, as a result of which many fans of the show and the comedian were disappointed by his death last September. Lee’s reflections on how he and his colleagues on the series “Orville” paid tribute to McDonald will surely become a sweet story when all the colleagues of the beloved star gather in his honor, as well as praise the tribute dedicated to the nominee for the Emmy Award included in the premiere of the third season. Viewers can return to McDonald’s work with the first two seasons of Orville airing in full on Hulu, as well as the first seven episodes of the third season.