The Star of The Show of The 90s Shared His Thoughts About Where Danny Masterson’s Hyde Would Have Been in 1995


Fans of the beloved Fox comedy series “The Show of the 70s” were able to return to the past again thanks to the recent release of the series “The Show of the 90s” from Netflix. The generation-hopping spin-off centers on Eric and Donna’s daughter Leia during a summer spent with her grandparents at Point Place, and it definitely includes cameos by most of the original stars of the “70s Show. The most obvious absence is, of course, Danny Masterson as Hyde, and the sitcom doesn’t really delve into any big revelations of the character’s “current” situation in 1995. there is a son.

Debra Jo Rupp, who reprised her role as beloved Kitty Foreman in the “90s Show,” told Vulture about returning to the Foreman House for the new Netflix series, as well as about her life and career in the “70s Show. While fans know what most of the characters turned out to be by the mid-90s, Hyde was intentionally excluded due to the fact that Danny Masterson was charged with rape and the legal problems associated with these charges. However, that didn’t stop Rupp from playfully offering her opinion on where Stephen Hyde might be, and it seems pretty accurate. According to her:

I think Hyde is going somewhere abroad and is involved in some kind of conspiracy theory.

Hyde’s trip abroad would definitely make sense, why wasn’t he at Point Place with the rest of his friends. Being a freer person, with and without marijuana, he probably wanted and/or needed to sort out some things, and just went where life took him.

All things considered, Hyde probably didn’t spend the previous 15-20 years working hard at manual labor. When asked if she thought he might have gone to jail, Debra Jo Rupp shared a more specific opinion, saying:

He is involved in some political affairs. Let’s put it this way.

It was definitely a pity that the “90s Show” didn’t actually explain where Hyde was, thinking that it could have been for the best in the long run, as it allows fans (and the stars themselves) to come up with their own creative ideas. about what Hyde was doing. Hopefully, if there is a second season — and this is very important considering Netflix’s cancellation habit lately — maybe we’ll get one or two mentions of it at this point. So for now, we just need to go with the flow and theorize about what he’s been doing since the 1970s.

After Netflix ordered the series “The Show of the 90s”, Danny Masterson spoke about the continuation of the series, showing his support for the show, as well as Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith. He clearly couldn’t be part of the Netflix spin-off, but at least he seemed to be keeping up the heartiness on social media. He probably has his own thoughts on where Hyde is, although many fans may not want to hear it.

Meanwhile, after the stars reunited on the red carpet for the “90s Show,” it seemed that nothing had changed, and nostalgia reached an all-time high. Although reviews of the “90s Show” were mixed, no one can deny that the show is able to create nostalgic vibes. It should be interesting to see what happens in a potential second season, and who else might appear in a cameo or name.

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