The star of the series “The Handmaid” Margaret Qually announced her engagement in Cannes


The famous Cannes Film Festival is known for its film debuts, but this year the festival also hosted the debut of Margaret Qually as a bride. The star of the Netflix series “The Maid” wore a diamond ring in France for the premiere of her new film “Stars at Noon” and announced her engagement shortly after. Qually’s fiance, Jack Antonoff, is the frontman of the Bleachers and an award-winning music producer.

The relationship of Margaret Qually and Jack Antonoff

There was no doubt about the couple’s romantic status after they were seen with their lips closed in New York last year. According to People, “the couple started dating last summer and were first spotted kissing in New York in August 2021.” Then, in March 2022, they arrived together for an AFI lunch before taking part in the Critics’ Choice Awards ceremony. The following month, Qually accompanied Antonov to the 2022 Grammy Awards.

Upon arriving in France for the Cannes Film Festival in May, Qually donned a new diamond ring, and rumors of her engagement quickly spread. Wearing an elegant black Chanel dress, Qually complemented the look with a pair of earrings, a bow in her hair and a ring on her finger.

On May 31, Qually posted a collection of photos of the couple with the ring in a prominent place on her Instagram and wrote: “Oh, I love him.”

The rise of “The Handmaid” actress Margaret Qually to fame

The daughter of legendary actor Andy McDowell and former model Paul Qually, Margaret Qually was a dancer and model before becoming an actress.

Her acting career began with a small role in the 2013 film Palo Alto, where she played alongside her then-boyfriend Nat Wolfe. Then she played Jill Garvey in “Abandoned.” In 2019, Qually appeared in Quentin Tarantino’s “Once upon a Time in Hollywood” and the mini-series “Foss/Verdon”.

After an Emmy-nominated role in the film “Foss/Verdon”, Qually played the lead role in the series “The Maid” on Netflix, which made her a household name. Her role as Alex Russell, a young mother who became homeless after she ran away from an abusive boyfriend, earned recognition from the Screen Actors Guild and a Golden Globe. The Maid ranked seventh among the most popular series on Netflix in 2021.

Quelli’s current project “Stars at Noon” is the actor’s first film in Cannes. Adapted for the screen by Denis Johnson’s novel “Stars at Noon” in 1984, the film is directed by Claire Denis and Joe Alvin. She also has two more projects coming out this year, a third is being filmed, and three are in preparation, including one in which she plays Ginger Rogers.

Jack Antonoff, music, and Lena Dunham

Recently, Antonoff has been talked about in music circles. The singer-songwriter has been leading his band Bleachers since 2013, but is best known for his collaboration.

According to The New Yorker, Antonoff has produced 10 Taylor Swift singles that have reached the top of the charts, and has collaborated as a producer or co-writer with Lorde, Lana Del Rey, Diana Ross, Harry Styles, Sia and other musical artists.

Having earned 18 Grammy Award nominations during his career, Antonoff took home his sixth Grammy this year along with Qually.

Both Antonoff and Qually have had their share of celebrity relationships. Qually dated Shia Labeouf and Pete Davidson, and Antonoff had a long-term affair with Girls star Lena Dunham. Antonoff and Dunham dated from 2012 to 2018, lived in the same house and adopted (and ridiculously named) a dog together. After their breakup, Antonoff was spotted with model Carlotta Kohl, but now his dating days are over, as he found his partner in Qually.