The star of the series “Grey and Anatomy” Ellen Pompeo called Meredith her favorite death scene, and the answer was not what I expected


Meredith Gray has been abused for 18 seasons of “Anatomy of Passion.” She almost drowned, survived a plane crash, kept a live bomb inside a patient, and much more. It’s hard to predict which of Meredith’s many near—death experiences actress Ellen Pompeo will choose as her favorite-as she prepares to play a more limited role in the upcoming 19th season of “Anatomy of Passion”—but the one she chose is definitely not the one I would choose. expected.

Ellen Pompeo told about all the cases when Meredith almost died in her podcast “Tell me” (opens in new tab), and despite the fact that she had at least seven tragedies in which a surgeon from Seattle almost went to meet her creator, the actress did not hesitate, when she was asked. choose her favorite. She immediately called the 12th season “The Sound of Silence”, directed by Denzel Washington. Here’s what Pompeo said about the episode:

My favorite scene with Meredith, where she almost dies, was definitely in episode 12×09 [“The Sound of Silence”]. Definitely I would rate this as one of my favorite episodes of all time, and the opportunity to work with one of my favorite acting characters was definitely one of the two highlights of making the show over all these seasons.

The fact that she started working with Hollywood legend Denzel Washington is the reason why Ellen Pompeo chose this not only as her favorite near-death experience of Meredith, but also as one of her highlights in the series as a whole! And that’s why I didn’t expect such a response from the actress.

While “The Sounds of Silence” is one of the best episodes of “Anatomy of Passion” to date, in which Meredith is attacked by a patient in a fugue state and shown at different stages of her recovery over a six—week period, Ellen Pompeo and Denzel Washington famously did not see eye to eye on the set.

In a previous episode of her podcast, Ellen Pompeo recalled improvising part of an emotional scene in which the patient who attacked Meredith came to apologize. The actress said:

I thought: “Look at me when you apologize. Look at me!’ And this was not in the dialogue. And Denzel jumped on my ass. He’s like, “I’m the director. Don’t tell him what to do! I’m like, “Listen, motherfucker, this is my show. This is my kit. Who are you talking to?

When she retold the story, she insisted that there was no enmity between the two professionals, attributing it to the fact that the actors are passionate about their craft. However, I can’t imagine that participating in such a heated exchange of opinions would get on my list of “best days at work”.

Denzel Washington seemed to confirm that the behind-the-scenes story was much ado about nothing, and dodged the question when Variety asked him earlier this year if he remembered the incident. He first said, “No, no,” and then added—with a slight smirk, according to the trade: “But it’s okay.”

Unfortunately for the character, Meredith had to fight for her life so many times (not to mention witnessing all the other heartbreaking moments and the saddest deaths in “Anatomy of Passion”), but this made the series great for loyal viewers. Hopefully, the reduction in the number of episodes of Ellen Pompeo in season 19 is not the result of another tragedy, but I think we have already learned never to assume that Meredith is safe! Find out for yourself when “Anatomy of Passion” returns at 21:00. ET Thursday, October 6, on ABC. Check out our TV program for 2022 to see all the upcoming premieres.


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