The star of the Malibu Rescuers says that Ann Karens continues to complain about her photos in bikinis and underwear, but she will not stop posting them


Malibu Lifeguard star Donna D’Errico recently followed in the footsteps of Carmen Electra when she decided to join OnlyFans, and this led to increased attention to her other social media accounts, including Instagram. In recent months, she said, people have been telling D’Errico that she looks “old” in a bikini post. Now the 54-year-old star says that “Karens” complained about more recent promotions. However, it doesn’t seem to stop her.

This week, the TV star donned a signature red look reminiscent of her days in the Malibu Lifeguards. This time she did not wear a swimsuit, but chose satin underwear. She captioned the post: “Just feeling good, feeling sexy.”

The post came just days after Donna D’Errico confirmed that the social networking site had deleted another of her Instagram posts due to complaints that she was “inciting prostitution.” show some funny fragments from her life, including about a trip she recently made in America. Although this account is completely separate and based on subscribers, she says she even gets complaints about her Instagram account.

So IG deleted my other post because too many Karen complained about it, saying that my signature indicated that I was extorting prostitution. Yes, it was a complaint and why it was deleted. In fact, I’m trying not to laugh right now.

For D’Errico, the choice to publish or not publish views on her body is very simple. The actress says she is comfortable with who she is and what her choice is, and asks those who disagree with her choice to just “let [her] live.” She also noted that other social photos cause “thousands” of comments about body positivity, when they may contain barely covered nudity, and she is just trying to enjoy her life. From her point of view:

I like to wear sexy lingerie. I don’t have a man for whom I could wear it, and I definitely can’t sit at home alone, accidentally wearing it. So right now I’m having fun and I feel pretty damn sexy. Men compliment me and I eat it. Let me live. When I’m 80, I’ll look back and be so happy I did it while I was hot.

Donna D’Errico is not the first celebrity to use social media to promote a brand; many celebrities do so. She’s also not the first person to use Instagram to develop her OnlyFans account, as Bella Thorne and others have also used underwear content to switch followers elsewhere. She’s not the only Malibu Lifeguard star who’s also excited about the prospect of using a subscription-based account.

Carmen Electra previously called OnlyFans “a safe place where you can be your own creator.” She also talked about her ability to be “her own mistress” and make decisions on her own. In the case of Donna D’Errico, regardless of whether or not what Elektra said is true, I assume she won’t have to worry about any “Karens” on the subscription site.


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