The star of Squid Game unexpectedly reacted to the shooting of his death scene


The star of the series “The Game of Squid” Jeong Ho Yong talks about his amazing reaction to shooting a dramatic death scene. A Korean Netflix drama series about a group of desperate characters fighting for their lives in a secret underground game has become an unexpected hit in 2021. Now the series has become an unexpected Emmy contender after winning four SAG Awards, including one for Best Ensemble in a drama.

At the top of this amazing list of contenders for the Emmy Award in Squid Game is Ho Yong, the SAG winner for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actress in a Drama Series. Indeed, Ho Yong attracted a lot of fans with her performance as Kang Se Baek, also known as Player 067, a defector from North Korea living in the south as a pickpocket before landing in the game. Despite her uncompromising behavior, fans had a soft spot for the brave Player 067, who was looking for a huge jackpot in the game to get her brother out of the orphanage and reunite her family. Kang Se-baek would indeed have survived a life-and-death tournament only to die when, already bleeding after being wounded by a wayward splinter during the infamous game “Glass Bridge”, she was stabbed by a suspicious Cho Sang-woo shortly before the final stage of the competition.

Indeed, the death of Kang Se Baek was a heavy blow for fans of Squid Game, who loved the character for her tough character and noble motives. But, as it turned out, filming the character’s death scene wasn’t that difficult for Ho Yong. In fact, during the Variety series “Actors about Actors,” Ho Yong told Sandra Oh that she was really happy to act in this scene, as it allowed her to finally let go of her tragic character. She said (via EW):

“Maybe it’s weird to talk about it, but when I was filming my death scene, I was so happy. It was the most comfortable scene I’ve ever had… It’s because I’ve been living with my character for more than a few months, and then there comes a time when I have to let her go, and I kind of feel like I can happily let her go, because I can understand Maybe not completely, but I’m the one who can understand her the most in this the world, so I know her stress, and I know how her life has been [such] a struggle and hard. So it wasn’t that bad or sad.”

Of course, Kang Se-baek won in a sense when the winner of the Squid Game, Song Ki-hoon, fulfilled her promise to get her brother out of the orphanage, giving the boy to the care of Cho Sang-woo’s mother. But, unfortunately, the death of Kang Se Baek still means that Ho Yong will not return in the 2nd season of “The Squid Game” – unless creator Hwang Dong Hyuk makes a very unexpected turn in the soap opera, giving her character a twin sister. But Song Ki-hoon will be back for new games as Netflix tries to capitalize on the amazing success of the first season of Squid Game.

On the one hand, it’s strange to hear Ho Yong say that she was actually happy to play such a terrible and shocking moment as the protracted and bloody death of Kang Se Baek. But it’s also understandable that after playing such a strong character for the time it took to create an entire season on television, she would be more than willing to finally let go of all these emotions. On the other hand, fans of Squid Game still haven’t let go of Kang Se Baek, a character whose grim determination in the face of a truly sad and terrible situation has undoubtedly made a strong impression.