The star of “Law and Order” Chris Meloni on Twitter quarreled with former Trump administration official Stephen Miller: “Stevie, keep writing fascist speeches”


“Stevie, keep writing fascist speeches,” Christopher Meloni, the star of the TV series Law and Order: Organized Crime, tweeted to Stephen Miller, the former director of speech writing at the Trump White House. Earlier, Miller, who allegedly helped write Donald Trump’s speech on January 6, called the actor “the guy with the most unreliable spin-off “Law and Order” and a “very evil — and very ignorant — far-left ideologue” for making fun of Representative Lauren Bobert (R-CO).

Over the weekend, Bobert tweeted: “Two words: go ahead, Brandon!” to which Meloni, noting that Bobert actually used three words, objected: “There should be a stupid award that GOP representatives are fighting for.”

But it turns out that Bobert was a little ironic and ridiculed the gaffe of President Biden, who on Friday in his speech to employees of the automotive industry said: “Let me start with two words: made in America.” Biden’s gaffe was also highlighted on Saturday Night Live this weekend, which brought the coveted first slot in Weekend Update.

Miller responded to the “Law and Order” star by stating: “You have publicly admitted to denigrating a member of Congress,” adding that “a cool and dignified step would be to delete the tweet and apologize.”

Meloni acknowledged that “because I’m not aware of everything about Biden, I missed the ‘joke’,” before pointing out that “the congressional representative is so reliably ignorant that her tweet makes complete sense.”

Miller said the last word (so far) by tweeting: “I am glad that you finally admitted that you were wrong. Now do the right thing, delete the tweet, apologize to the congressman and try to behave with dignity. Or do you want the young people who watch your show to be as rude and ignorant as you?”



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