The star of “Ghosts” Asher Grodman talks about the fateful role and the mystery of the loss of his character’s pants!


The mystery is solved! On Thursday, March 31, in an episode of the popular CBS show “Ghosts,” fans finally found out why the late financial brother Trevor, played by Asher Grodman, does not wear pants in the afterlife. It turns out he didn’t just have sex with a limo driver (no spoilers!). Under the guise of Wall Street, Trevor was just a kind guy in the world of the living.

“I realized that this is really something special when I read the pilot version,” Grodman told us. “I’ve been doing the pilot season for 18 years, so I’ve seen a few of them! But the writers are great, and the BBC concept was just fantastic. I knew he had the potential to have great appeal.”

Although he was optimistic, the New Yorker noted that the chances of a new series being filmed are not always favorable, adding: “We just thought:”If we can get on the air, we think something might happen here. “It’s a very special band, so we were really hoping.”

It turns out he has nothing to worry about. Fans have embraced the series, which was recently renewed for a second season. But Grodman, who also teaches acting at Hunter College in New York, has had many ups and downs throughout his career. “There were dark moments,” he confessed in pursuit of his dream. “When I finished graduate school, I went to Los Angeles for three years, and it was one of the darkest years of my life. But I put so much time and energy into acting, so there was always a glimmer of hope.”

As for how he became an actor in the first place? Blame it on love. “In the seventh grade, I played in the school jazz band. I was crazy about one girl from my class, and we performed “Brown—eyed Girl” – I somehow got up and sang it in front of the whole school, but changed the text to “Brown-eyed Girl”. to a school play, thanks to which I found my community. Theater is a great way to communicate with other people while doing ridiculous things.”

Grodman added that he doesn’t care at all that his character from “Ghosts” has never had pants on. “I started studying during the [coronavirus] pandemic, and there were no complaints!” he told Us with a laugh that his thighs were constantly exposed. “But one day I got tanned, and the makeup artist had to make up my legs to make them paler.”

Despite going through his short break from filming, Grodman can’t wait to move on to the next season of the show, which is being filmed in Canada. “Our cast is amazing,” he said. “The show is fun, the script is really smart, and sometimes you can shed a tear. I’m part of a great team.”