The star explained how Mikey sealed all the last banks in the final “Medvedya”

Star Jeremy Allen White explains how Mikey sealed all those cans of tomatoes that Carmi discovered during the finale of the first season of “The Bear.” “The Bear” premiered on June 23 on Hulu, and in the new FX series, White plays a young gourmet chef from one of the world’s greatest restaurants in New York who returns home to Chicago to run the family’s Italian beef sandwich shop after the death of his brother Michael. The Shameless star plays a Bear in the role of Karmi along with Ebon Moss-Bahrah, Ayo Edebiri, Lionel Boyce, Lisa Colon-Zayas and Abby Elliott.
In addition to its realistic depiction of the chaos of working in a rapidly changing kitchen environment, “Bear” was praised for its exploration of grief. At the beginning of the series, Carmi runs a rundown River North restaurant after his brother Michael (played by Jon Bernthal) committed suicide. Throughout the eight episodes of the first season, more and more details are revealed about the circumstances of Michael’s death, such as his drug addiction and tax arrears. In the season one finale, Carmi discovers that Mikey has hidden wads of cash in a pile of sealed tomato cans, but the shocking moment left viewers with one glaring question.
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During a recent interview with Vulture, White answered a question that occupied many viewers: “How did Mikey seal all those cans again?” Actor Carmy says he had exactly the same question about the scene, and he found out that restaurants have special equipment for work. Read his full answer below:
There is a machine that does this in restaurants. I asked the same question.
More important than the logistics of how Mikey opened the cans, put the money inside and sealed them again, is what this moment means for the relationship between Karmi and Mikey. During the first season of The Bear, Karmi does not understand why his brother never allowed him to work in a restaurant, but left him the family business in his will. During the finale, Carmi discovers a note left to him by Mikey, which says: “I love you, man. Let it break,” and on the back contains a recipe for spaghetti sauce, which prompts him to open cans of tomatoes with the help of the notorious golden tickets. hidden inside.
The money allows Karmi to pay off Mikey’s old debts and start all over again, renaming the restaurant from “Original Beef” to “Bear”. This moment serves as a cordial ending to Carmi and Mikey’s relationship for now, while cliffhanger leaves the show in an intriguing place to continue in the second season of “The Bear.” Despite the fact that the second season has not yet been officially announced, this decision is likely to be made. as soon as viewing numbers are available. The bear made a splash on the net, which should inspire optimism in those who hope for an extension of season 2.