The Squid Game WhatsApp stickers, how to download them for free on Android and iOS


The Squid Game: The idea of ​​playing with the greed of the human being and / or with the desire to live and subjecting it to mortal games to achieve it is not new, far from it. From Hard Target by John Woo and Van Damme to Persecuted by Schwarzenegger, the iconic and controversial Battle Royale or its USA teen light version that was The Hunger Games, seeing people suffering and dying live is attractive, hypnotic.

That is roughly what The Squid Game -revealing more would be a crime-, a Korean series whose creator never thought it was going to become the series -phenomenon of the moment, and possibly the most watched in Netflix history.

Stickers The Squid Game for WhatsApp

Do you want to use Squid Game stickers in your WhatsApp chats? Well, we will tell you how to download stickers of The Squid Game:

Download the Sticker Maker Studio app Android version from the Google Play Store or iOS version from the App Store. It is an application that allows you to create stickers and use sticker packs created by others.
Install the app
Download directly from your mobile one of these sticker packs: Squid Game Stickers (Stickerfan); The Squid Game (Stickerfan); Green Light (; The Squid Game (
Open Sticker Maker, you should get the new stickers
Look at the bottom of the screen and click on the Add to my library option
Several options will open, click on Add to WhatsApp – you can also add it to iMessage if you do it from an iPhone
You are ready to use the packs you have downloaded.


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