The Squid Game: What we suspected of the next projects of its creator


Hwang Dong-hyuk creator of the Netflix phenomenon, The Squid Game, is not resting on the laurels of his newly acquired international fame and continues to work on new projects of which he has given more details. One of them is the second season of the successful series and the other a film production that will be called: “Killing Old People Club”, which could be translated as “The club to kill the elderly” inspired by a novel by the Italian author Umberto Eco .

After the worldwide success of the series, El Juego del Calamar, after its premiere on September 17, 2021, when it set the record for the most watched program with 1.65 billion hours in 28 days of release; This South Korean director is working to break more ground on the screen, both on the small screen and on the big screen.

In a recent interview, Hwang Dong-hyuk recalled that, although a second part of the series had not been considered, seeing the success of the first season of The Squid Game and the clamor of his fans for another installment, he had no choice. to agree to do it. By January of this year, Ted Sarandos CEO of the streaming platform confirmed that Netflix had approved the second season of the Korean phenomenon.

According to the director himself, the new episodes of the second season are going to be loaded with much more violence and crudeness, and he revealed that there is a possibility that HoYeon Jung’s (Kang Sae-byeok) twin sister will appear. This, after the death of the character in the first season.

Regarding the movie “Killing Old People Club”, he explained that it will have the same dramatic quality of action, suspense and horror for which he has become famous. “It’s going to be another controversial production,” adding that, after the film’s release, he may have to hide from the elders for his revenge; implying that they will be the victims in the plot.

The details of this new project that promises to surpass his Netflix masterpiece has barely been written for 25 pages, but it is already announcing that it will have a greater impact on the audience than the one it had with The Squid Game. From the international edition of the Cannes Series Writer’s Club, the South Korean director met another industry great, Steven Spielberg, who praised his work, telling him that he wanted to “steal (his) brain from him.”

Recalling the genesis of The Squid Game, the South Korean director said, “I knew that maybe in the near future the right time would come for all this material. I waited and waited, and made like three feature films.”

Now that he is undertaking this new project for the cinema, which to date has not revealed who will be in the cast as protagonists or where the filming will take place, the only thing certain is that after his previous success, he will not lack suitors to act or finance said film, as violent as it is.