The Squid Game: They Recreate The Netflix Fashion Series On Core; Play It For Free


The Squid Game: The interactive video game creation platform has its own title based on Squid Game, the new Netflix series. We tell you what it is about. The Squid Game has become one of the great sensations of the year on Netflix. The South Korean series is giving a lot to talk about in recent weeks and, although it does not have its own official video game – until now -, from the Core platform a player called deepHorizonsCl has created the so-called Squid Fish Game.

Download Core for PC now; the most social video game creation platform

The game, which can be played from this link, is available for Windows 10 (PC only at the moment; with DirectX 11) and is in Alpha phase with a total of three levels. With more than 8,400 players in a few hours, it seems that the interest is guaranteed. Thanks to Manticore’s interactive video game creation platform, which is also used to hold concerts such as deadmau5’s, this creator has created a total of three levels based on tests similar to those of the Netflix series, which in the rest of the world it is known as Squid Game.


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