The Squid Game: The biggest fan complaint about the Netflix series


It’s no surprise to many viewers that The Squid Game has instantly become a trendy hit on broadcast television. Many are surprised that no one has chosen the show before, while others are praising the performance of the main cast members and are already starting fan clubs dedicated to them.

Although early viewers of the show were impressed with the show’s performance, calling it the best they had seen “in a long time,” some of the cast members missed the mark. On social media for The Squid Game before it became a beloved hit, fans argued about certain characters that missed the mark.

While star Lee Jung-Jae is totally beloved, fans weren’t thrilled with the appearance of “the white guys in masks.” But who were they and why did they cause such a fuss with fans? In an interesting twist that changes the script on many American television shows, on the one hand, the Korean series uses some actors with “very exaggerated, almost governor of the South accents,” fans say.

Most viewers are used to seeing minorities treated in very stereotypical ways, so it was almost a culture shock to see it backwards, although it is not a completely negative thing. Fans noted that in many other (non-American) movies, “white people always talk like this” and that it is usually done on purpose. In this way, they point out, the whites are seen as the enemy (which they are), and furthermore, the objective of the film is not the white secondary characters; they are the main Koreans.

The interesting thing is that most of the commentators thought it was kind of funny that the white actors were so terrible. Because, after all, they “remove any nuance or naturalness from their speech, because it fits the noisy and dominant stereotype of Americans,” something that fits when the white / American person is destined to be the enemy.

Also, those characters were cast as the “symbolic white boy,” so little care was taken with their roles, fans theorize. “It was so jarring that the acting was great before that point,” they suggest, but since the lead actors were so great, The Squid Game is forgiven.