The Squid Game: New and better games in season 2 of the Netflix drama


The Squid Game is the successful South Korean drama that premiered on the Netflix platform in September 2021, and quickly became the most watched series in the entire history of the transmitter. With season 2 underway, the next episodes are expected to hit fans’ screens sometime in 2024, show creator and director Hwang Dong-hyuk has confirmed.

The next installment about a group of people who voluntarily decide to participate in a mysterious game for a large sum of money, without knowing that the place could be killed, caused a great impact on the audience worldwide, thanks to its dark plot of survival. in which in the end there was only one winner, Seong Gi-hun.

With season 2 of The Squid Game, at least the main characters that starred in the story will return. Hwang Dong-hyuk confirmed this week that Seong Gi-hun and The Leader of the Games will be back with the next episodes. Fans will have to wait a long time to receive the new installment on Netflix, but the creator of the series released some sneak peeks.

The Game of the Squid director also said that with season 2 currently in the early stages of its development, fans can look forward to new games that will be even better than those featured in the first season. The second installment of the Netflix drama will also be in charge of exposing and knowing the backstory of the creators and those responsible for the games.

In this sense, season 2 will possibly continue the suspense story about The Leader of the games and the reasons that led him to join this system. Likewise, fans could also find Gi-hun investigating how this person became the enforcer of the bloody games.

“Yes, there are some, however, I don’t want to give any spoilers, so all I’ll say is that there will be new games, even better than the first season, waiting.”

According to what was revealed by the director of The Squid Game, the question that surely many are asking is if the games of season 2 will be focused on the present or the past of Gi-hun, who is willing to destroy them, just like it was confirmed at the end of the first season. He may have to go back to being a player and stop them from the inside. It could also be set at the time when The Leader participated in the games.