The sports world’s reaction to the WNBA airport scandal


Julio Aguilar / Getty Images

The recent story with the WNBA player Los Angeles Sparks has caused a lot of controversy.

According to The Athletic, the Sparks had to sleep at the airport on Sunday after their flight was canceled. The Athletic noted that WNBA players have to fly commercial flights, which has caused a lot of travel problems in the league recently.

The WNBA lacks either the resources or the will to solve the problem, which is likely to affect the product on the court, given how important time is for everything.

The wider sports world laments what a problem the WNBA has allowed this to be. Many claim that the NBA, which is apparently being modeled after the WNBA, will never allow something like this to happen.

Unfortunately, the fact is that the WNBA is not the NBA. They can play the same game, but receive different incomes.

The WNBA is hardly the only professional sports league in the United States that deals with this problem. Charter flights have also been a major point of contention in Major League Soccer for many years.

Perhaps the WNBA decided to cut corners by forcing players to fly commercial flights rather than charter flights. Or maybe there just isn’t enough money in the budget for each flight to be a charter.

Anyway, in such a climate, it clearly has a negative impact on the game. And the league may suffer because of this.


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