The sports world’s reaction to Joey Chestnut’s injury news


One of the greatest sports champions in American history will play with an injury on Monday.

Joey Chestnut, the greatest winner of Nathan’s hot dog eating contest of all time, is going to defend his title on the fourth of July.

However, the longtime food champion will be playing with an injury. He’ll be on crutches on Monday.

Chestnut explained the injury to Fox News Digital.

“I’m going to eat like crazy,” Chestnut said.

“It’s a tendon tear,” he added of his injury.

“It’s okay. I can get up and eat. I’m excited.”

Sports fans are impressed.

“Flu Game Chestnut is coming,” one fan tweeted.

“Joey Chestnut flu. He’s real,” one fan added.

“The WWE creative can’t even defend this title,” another fan admitted.

Nathan’s hot dog eating contest will be broadcast on ESPN on Monday afternoon.