The Sports World’s Reaction to Joe Biden’s Bike Accident


On Saturday morning, President Joe Biden enjoyed a pleasant bike ride near his beach house. Unfortunately, it ended sadly.

Approaching a group of supporters and obvious reporters, Biden began to slow down. After a complete stop, the president tried to dismount, but caught his foot.

Then Biden collapsed on the asphalt. Relatives quickly came to his aid.

All the torments were caught on video.

Fortunately, he did not receive any injuries.

A White House spokesman released the following statement, courtesy of Nikki Schwab of the Daily Mail:

“As the president said, his foot caught on the pedal while dismounting, and he’s fine. Medical assistance is not required. The President is looking forward to spending the rest of the day with his family.”

Incredibly lucky that 79-year-old Biden was not injured on Saturday morning.

Also, for a lot of people, it’s pretty close.

“To be honest, if so many people were yelling at me while I was riding my bike, I would fall much less gracefully,” Teri Carter said.

“I hope I’m 80 and I still ride a bike, but considering he’s fine, it’s objectively ridiculous, come on,” Justin Hokanson said.

“I am glad that everything is fine with the president, but I sincerely feel that I have to work on Saturdays,” Abraar Karan said.

Of course, we are glad that everything is fine with the president.

We hope Biden enjoys the rest of the weekend spent with his family.