The sports world Reacts to Alex Rodriguez, Girlfriend News


Earlier this week, reported that former MLB star Alex Rodriguez and his girlfriend Catherine Paget have broken up.

Here’s more:

The insider says they’re still friendly, telling : “They’re good friends — they’re just lonely. They broke up, but they are very close. It’s okay.”

A source says that after the breakup, “Alex is having fun and hanging out with his family.”

The spy informed us that Padgett has been “noticeably absent” from A-Rod events lately, with one source saying, “They’ve split up, but remain great friends. He is focused on his family and business.”

It wasn’t long before fans flocked to Twitter to react to the news. They feel sorry for the former MLB star.

“The poor guy can’t take a break,” one fan said.

At least one more fan thinks it’s time for A-Rod to calm down.

“Isn’t he too old for this dating game?” someone said.

True love cannot be rushed.


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