The Sports media World Reacts to Stephen A. Smith’s Big Comeback


After a month-long absence, ESPN’s Steven A. Smith officially returned to First Take today. And he definitely celebrated this event.

At the start of the show, ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter announced the return of Steven A. before the camera cuts to Smith relaxing on a yacht. He then briefly touches on all the important topics he missed before asking if everyone missed him.

Then First Take started the show on Stephen A.’s yacht. Stephen A. was in an orange suit, and Molly Kerim in a sailor hat. It was a real sight.

More importantly, the sports media world loved the outrageous scene. The video itself went viral and gained more than 100,000 views, and the post and its various publications collected several thousand likes and several festive comments:

A lot has happened in the world of sports during the absence of Stephen A. Smith. We had the start of NFL training camp and preseason, the NBA drama with big names like Kevin Durant and LeBron James, the ongoing dispute over Deshaun Watson, and the MLB trade deadline a few weeks ago.

Suffice it to say that Stephen A. Smith has a lot of catching up to do this week—maybe over the next few weeks.

But with the speed at which Stephen A. likes to talk, he can probably cover most of the topic quickly.

It’s good to have you back, Stephen Ah!


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