The “Spiritual Successor” of “Sharp Visors” “Dope Girls” Will Be Released on BBC


The BBC has developed a new series Dope Girls, which is called the “spiritual successor” of “Sharp Visors”.

Dope Girls is a new crime series about a female gangster in a historically squalid Soho neighborhood. The show will consist of six parts, debuting on BBC One, produced by Bad Wolf. According to Deadline, Dope Girls is the “spiritual successor of the Sharp Visors” and is currently under discussion with American production partners and streaming services.

The storyline is not yet complete, but it will follow the beginning of a scene at a London nightclub in Soho.

The show will tell about Marek Cohn’s non-fiction book “Drug Addicts: The Birth of the British Drug Underground”, including fictional characters and storylines, exploring all corners of the Soho underworld in the 20th century.

It is partly based on the true story of an independent 42-year-old single mother Kate Meyrick, who owns a nightclub empire and a Mobstyle enterprise and is recognized as the most dangerous woman in London and an enemy of Baron Chang, the boss of Soho. dirty underground world.

Her nightclub feeds on drugs and alcohol, becoming the number one place for survivors of the First World War to forget about postpartum stress disorder after returning from the war. It will also capture women who have the right to speak openly about their sexuality, as they use sex and drugs to dominate men.

Filming is due to begin at the end of this year, and casting will be announced later.

From other news: the creator of “Sharp Visors” Stephen Knight announced the casting of skinheads for the main roles in his new BBC drama “This City”.

Announced at the end of last year, the film “This City” “tells the story of a large family and four young people who are passionate about the world of ska and two-tone music, which exploded from the broad masses of Coventry and Birmingham in the late 70s and early 70s. 80s, uniting black, white and Asian youth.”

Levi Brown, Jordan Bolger, Ben Rose and Eve Austin will play four young heroes, and filming will begin in Wolverhampton earlier this year. Mad Dog 2020 casting agency has since issued an appeal (via Birmingham Live) to “skinheads and people with shaved heads… in and around West Bromwich” to take part in the show, but only if they “have good availability from now until the end of February.” “, supposedly wrapped up during filming.

After the sixth and final season of “Peaky Blinders” aired last year, the main star Cillian Murphy said that the script for the next film is “close” to completion — and, as reported, other TV spin-offs are also in development.


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