The Spin-off of John Uk by Ana De Armas Is Being Filmed Now, And It Brings Back a Familiar Face From The Films of Keanu Reeves


There are only four months left before the appearance of “John Wick: Chapter 4” among other movie releases of 2023, but the catch with Keanu Reeves also goes beyond the main series of films. A prequel series called “Continental” will be released on “Peacock” sometime in 2023, and Ana de Armas from “No Time to Die” is leading a theatrical spin-off called “Ballerina”. This spin-off has now begun filming, and along with the fact that de Armas is celebrating this momentous event on social networks, it turned out that a familiar face from the John Wick films appears.

Let’s start with the last topic. According to THR, Ian McShane boarded the Ballerina to replicate Winston, the manager of The New York branch of The Continental, a hotel that caters exclusively to murderers and enforces strict rules against business being conducted on its premises. McShane is one of two actors who have appeared with Keanu Reeves in all the John Wick films released so far, the second is Lance Reddick’s Charon, the concierge of The Continental. Young Winston will be played by Colin Woodell in the limited series The Continental.

That’s not all…


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