The Spectrum Retreat is Free Game of The Week at Epic Games


The Spectrum Retreat: Continuing the program of giving away free PC games every week, the Epic Games Store began shipping today (1st) The Spectrum Retreat. It can be redeemed until July 8th, at 12:00 (GMT), and will remain in your library forever.

The title was released in 2018 and was developed by Dan Smith Studio, an independent company. From the puzzle, strategy, and narrative driven genre, it has a 1st person gameplay that puts the player to solve puzzles in the Penrose Hotel.

With elements and inspirations from Portal, The Spectrum Retreat won the BAFTA Young Game Designer Award in 2016 and was nominated at the WGGB in the category of Best Screenplay in Video Games.

In the Metacritic grade aggregator, the title has a rating of 68 and a user average of 5.6. According to How Long to Beat, it is possible to finish the game in 5 hours. Click here to redeem the game.

Epic Games also announced that, starting next week, Bridge Constructor The Walking Dead and Ironcast will be distributed. While the first is in the simulation and puzzle genre, the second is an RPG with match-three elements and turn-based strategy.

So, are you going to play The Spectrum Retreat or would you rather wait for next week’s games? Leave your opinion in the comments section below!


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