The Special Car Ferrari Made for a Customer


Ferrari has produced a special vehicle for a European customer. Called “Omologata”, this vehicle was rebuilt on the foundations of 812 Superfast. The cost of Omologata, which has a unique design at every point, has not been disclosed.

Italian automaker Ferrari, which managed to impress consumers with the luxury car models it produced, added a new one to its single-produced vehicles. The car designed for a European rich is called the “Omologata”. Also, engineers built this particular Ferrari on the basis of the 812 Superfast. The Omologata state of the 812 Superfast, which already looks quite beautiful, has a unique beauty.

Before the Ferrari team created the Omologata, they got rid of all parts of the 812 Superfast except the windshield and front fans. After this stage, the designers, who reinterpret the GTs of the past with carbon fiber, have succeeded in doing what has not been done before. Because Omogolata appeared before us as a unique design with every point.

Introducing only 1 Ferrari Omologata

The omologota has a completely handmade bonnet. The vehicle, where we see traditional Ferrari lines, draws attention especially with its front bumper. Because this bumper structure bears the traces of Maserati rather than Ferrari. In addition, when we look at the rear bumper, the single headlights do not escape the attention. Omologata, where we do not see the dual rear light structure used under normal conditions, makes it even more unique.

Omologota, which Ferrari produces only 1 unit, manages to impress with its interior design as well as its exterior design. The design team gave the car an even richer look with electric blue colored seats that create a striking combination with its color. In addition, a metal-colored style with a cracking effect has been created on the instrument panel and other interior parts. Everything you will see inside the vehicle except these is completely covered in black.

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Engine specifications of Ferrari Omologata have not been disclosed. However, this engine is very likely to be a V12. Because this engine was used in the 812 Superfast, the original of Omologata. If the company used the same engine in the Omologata, we can say that this engine is 6.5 liters. The torque of this 789 horsepower engine is 718 Nm. Finally, let’s remind that the price of this special vehicle is not known, but the price of the 812 Superfast is around 340 thousand dollars.


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