The Spanish Studio Chibig Announces Three New Games: Platforms, Witches And Farms


Chibig: The Valencian team, known for Summer in Mara, takes a leap forward with three video games; one of them from the hand of Talpa Games (Mail Mole). Chibig, the Valencian studio responsible for works such as Deiland and Summer in Mara, surprised locals and strangers alike with the announcement of their new projects, in the plural; with synergies with other highly talented emerging studios such as Talpa Games, which in 2021 convinced us with Mail Mole. In total, three video games with strategic collaborations that demonstrate the ambition of this group of developers.

Chibig Presents, as this space was called, put a total of three names on the table and made their business philosophy clear: to serve as publishers of small independent studios with all the help and communication necessary for both parties to achieve their goals. These are the three announced titles, which we will detail one by one below, plus a couple of additional projects.

Koa and The Five Pirates of Mara (Talpa Games) | 2022 on PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.
Mika and the Witch’s Mountain (Nukefist) | 2022 on PS5, Xbox Series, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and PC.
Elusive People (Chibig) | 2023 on consoles and PC

Koa and The Five Pirates of Mara

Talpa Games and Undercoders are lovers of 3D platform games, and that is something that a few in this newsroom like.Koa and The Five Pirates of Marabusca brings out the best of two worlds: the universe of Summer in Mara with Koe as the protagonist and the good work of Àngel Beltrán and company at the controls. This time Koa will be accompanied by Napopo to overcome all kinds of screens on different islands of the archipelago. Player, volcanoes, colorful territories, secrets and jumps, lots of jumps. It arrives this year.