The Sonic Frontiers trailer explains the gameplay features, open world, Starfall Island and much more


Sonic Frontiers marks perhaps the biggest shift in Sonic’s gameplay since the fast hedgehog moved into 3D. For the first time, Sonic enters the open world, offering players incredible freedom to run and move fast at their own pace. A lot of new stuff is being added to the regular mix this time, but while Sega has teased a lot of Sonic Frontiers, many will agree that it has yet to show how all these different elements come together to form a single whole.

Fortunately, Sega has solved this problem in the new Sonic Frontiers review trailer. The three-minute video offers a brief overview of the gameplay, which, if it does not necessarily contain anything new, sets out the essence of what has been revealed about Frontiers in the clearest and easiest to understand form to date.

Sonic Frontiers begins with Sonic and his friends Amy and Tails going to the mysterious islands of Starfall in search of the Chaos Emeralds before the portal pulls them into a dimension known as Cyberspace. After escaping, Sonic finds himself on Kronos, one of the Starfall islands, where players will be able to experience the gameplay of the Frontiers “open zone” as they search for Amy and Tails and uncover the secrets of the islands.

Here, players will be free to explore each island, overcoming platform obstacles, solving puzzles, completing side quests and fighting bosses on their way. By defeating bosses, players can earn gears used to open portals to Cyber Space stages based on levels from classic 2D and 3D Sonic games. For clearing them, you will receive the keys to the vault, which open the Chaos Emeralds and, as a result, new open zones.

In addition to the research cycle, the video touches on the Sonic Frontiers combat system. The fight against enemies will be deeper than in previous games, as Sonic will have a much wider range of attacks that can be used in addition to dodging, parrying and counterattacks, as well as a new ability called Ciloupor, which allows Sonic to attack enemies by tracking the ring of light around them. The battle in Frontiers is designed to provide as much depth as the player wants, as the skill tree will allow them to discover and improve new abilities if they want more variety, and the autocombo feature will allow them to activate combos with one button if they want everything to be simple.

Overall, the review trailer seems pretty positive, and everyone agrees that it’s definitely an improvement over the somewhat rough gameplay footage that Sega first showed earlier this summer. Excitement seems to be growing as the big picture gets clearer and clearer, and while many fans are still concerned that Sonic Frontiers is launching too soon, the latest preview seems to leave a lot of hope that the game will bring Sonic’s open-world adventure that is memorable for more compelling reasons. reasons than not.

Sonic Frontiers is released on November 8 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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