The son of former Hallmark star Dranika McKellar asked why she quit acting for so many years, and she gave a really thoughtful answer


Danica McKellar’s career has undergone many changes since she got the breakthrough role of Winnie Cooper in the TV series “Wonderful Years”. Although viewers recognized her from her Hallmark products, there was a period when McKellar gave up her acting career to pursue other interests outside of Hollywood. Years after she disappeared from television, the former Hallmark star gave a thoughtful answer after her son asked her why she hadn’t been filming for so long.

The graduate of “Wonderful Years” told why she took a break from acting after starring in the hit ABC. Being the source of teenage infatuations in the 1980s and 1990s, Danica McKellar made many hearts wonder what happened to her before she reappeared in the 2000s. Of course, only her son Draco could get a straight answer from her when he interviewed his mom for ET. McKellar told how her love of education (especially math) led to her going to college for several years.

I went to UCLA, but when I got to school, wherever I went, people from all over campus were shouting across campus, you know, “Hey Vinnie!” [or] “Hey, I loved you in The Wonder Years!” I couldn’t get away from this one. So I needed to figure out how valuable I was beyond Vinnie Cooper, and math was a difficult task, and I was good at it. And I like this feeling that my value, important things have nothing to do with how I look, or with the TV.

Getting out of the Hollywood rat race was probably the best decision she could have made for herself. Having appeared on television since she was a teenager, Danica McKellar felt she had no personality other than Vinnie from The Wonderful Years. Her whole being was distorted by the idea that her value was nothing more than her appearance and attractiveness to viewers. The connection with Vinnie Cooper seemed to hurt McKellar’s sense of self as a teenage girl who grew up on television.

For her, math was a way to show other UCLA students (and viewers) that she was more than just Vinnie Cooper. While studying at school, she did so. Her work in mathematics led to the fact that Danica McKellar took a place in science thanks to the Chase-McKellar-Wynn theorem after she co-authored a research paper with Professor Lincoln Chase of the University of California at Los Angeles and classmate Brandi Wynn. After college, the GAC Family star wrote 11 best-selling math books aimed at teenagers.

Of course, McKellar did not give up acting, as she starred in many TV shows and films, including Hallmark projects. Last year, she made a splash by leaving the network for the rival GAC family with her first project, The Winter Palace, which aired earlier this year. In addition to working with her new network home, Danica McKellar has experienced mixed results, from celebrating her ageless father’s 72nd birthday to the revelation of an unexpected death in her family. But it turned out that the 47-year-old actress continues to move forward, despite life’s difficulties.

Right now, the new McKellar GAC Family home network is preparing for its programs for Thanksgiving and Christmas. So the audience will have to see in which projects Danica McKellar will appear next. Follow the news by checking the CinemaBlend TV schedule for 2022 to find out which new TV shows and movies are scheduled to premiere.


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