The Sokovian Civil War Agreements are in the fourth phase of the MCU (now we have proof!)


This article contains spoilers for episode 4 of Miss Marvel.

“Captain America: Civil War” unleashed the Sokovian Agreements in the MCU, and the 4th episode of “Miss Marvel” subtly shows that they are still in force. At first, the world welcomed the Avengers as the most powerful heroes of the Earth. However, over time, the damage associated with the adventures of superheroes began to increase, as did the death toll. “Avengers: Age of Ultron” was a disaster: shortly before the destruction of Sokovia, the rampaging Hulk descended on Johannesburg. This led to the adoption of the Zakovsky Agreements.

The Sokovian agreements mainly dealt with the management of the Avengers, but additional points related to the actions of street superheroes, enhanced personalities and vigilantes. They tore the superhero community apart: Steve Rogers and Tony Stark took different sides and soon got into a fight. Unfortunately, the split of the Avengers, seen in Captain America: Standoff, made the Earth vulnerable at the most inopportune moment. When Thanos arrived in search of the power of the Infinity Stones, the heroes of Earth split up— and were defeated. In the end, the Avengers fixed the situation, but viewers wondered if the Sokovian Agreements remained in force after “Avengers: Finale”.

Episode 4 of “Miss Marvel” strongly suggests that they are indeed still in force — and that they are affiliated with an organization known as Damage Control. Introduced in “Spider-Man: Homecoming” The Department of Damage Control was created after the Battle of New York to help with the cleanup. However, it now becomes clear that it has expanded, and now Damage Control has its own Supermax prison. Damage Control now seems to be responsible for protecting superhumans in the United States, which means that he most likely took responsibility for the implementation of the Sokovian agreements in the States.

Marvel seems to have changed their approach to Phase 4, mainly due to the sheer number of movies and TV shows they produce. Phases 1 through 3 are known collectively as the “Infinity Saga” because there is a single narrative thread running through the films. But now there are several narrative threads, the most obvious example of which is the growing MCU multiverse. If Damage Control really now ensures compliance with the Sokovian agreements, then they serve others — from the “Black Widow” (which takes place after the Sokovian Agreements, to “Spider-Man: there is no way home”, in “Miss Marvel”, and then in the Hulk Woman (the D.O.D.C. Supermax prison can be seen in the trailer for “Hulk Woman”).

In fact, there is an alarming connection between Damage Control and the comic version of the Sokovian Agreements, the Law on the Registration of Superhumans. In the comics, SHRA was activated after a disastrous battle between a group of teenage vigilantes and the supervillain Nitro, who produced a nuclear-type explosion that led to massive loss of life in the city of Stamford. Wolverine eventually found out that Nitro had been boosted by a street drug called Mutant Growth Hormone, which was actually given to him by Marvel Damage Control. The company has moved from clarifying superhero battles to initiating them, a dark way to increase its business. Therefore, it is disturbing that in episode 4 “Miss Marvel” it is shown how Damage Control is now using Stark’s drones, which they confiscated from Peter Parker in Spider-Man.: there is no way home.” “Captain America: Civil War”, introducing the Zakovian Agreements, could unleash a very dangerous force in Phase 4 of the MCU.