The Snowpiercer: about the season 2 premiere


The 2nd season of Expresso do Amanhã (The Snowpiercer) was released this Tuesday (26th) and has already left us dying of curiosity. The series tells the story of an Eternal Locomotive, developed to preserve humanity after climate change froze the rest of the planet. In the new season, Layton and Melanie must face Mr. Wilford who, until the last episode of the previous season, we believed was dead.

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The new episode made available on the streaming platform introduced us to the citizens of Big Alice, a train that should only keep supplies for Snowpiercer. The first character to appear is Alex, Melanie’s daughter, who we also believed was dead. When docking on the Snowpiercer, Big Alice stopped the locomotive. Soon, they had very little time until the power outage would freeze the entire train.

To allow them to proceed, Alex delivers a list of basic items for Layton to deliver – things like fruit and Mr. Wilford’s favorite bottle of whiskey. When delivering the box, Alex just goes back to Big Alice and everyone believes that the train will not run again.

However, what they don’t know is that Melanie and the other drivers are working on it. Outside the locomotive, Melanie manages to restore control of the Snowpiercer and remembers an important detail about the coupling (you’ll find out next!). With very little time left to keep from freezing, she decides to board Big Alice, where she is taken directly to Mr. Wilford.

The enigmatic figure of the Snowpiercer builder gives some details about how he managed to attach himself to the locomotive after spending 7 years without a trace. Alex looks resentful and believes that Melanie abandoned her to die.

Meanwhile, at Snowpiercer, Layton warns citizens that the social experiment will be paused. With that, everyone continues with their class, which displeases most of the crew. In an attempt to enter Big Alice, they discover that an enigmatic figure, a tall and apparently deformed man, manages to freeze an entire wagon without getting hurt.

That is, has Wilford spent the past seven years experimenting with humans so that they can survive the freeze? Is what it seems!

At the end of the episode, Wilford decides that he will disengage the Snowpiercer and leave everyone to die. However, Melanie reminds him that she also helped to build both trains. Then, while out of the locomotive, she managed to ensure that Big Alice and Snowpiercer stayed together, depending on each other forever. Now, they will need to find a way to work together!

What did you think of this new episode of Expresso do Amanhã? The first chapter has already reached Netflix and new episodes will be streaming every Tuesday.


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