The Smash Bros. Community Is Puzzled By a Strange College Math Question Hungrybox Jigglypuff


Super Smash Bros officially got into a college statistics class with a weird math question about melee pro Juan “Hungrybox” Debedme.

Hungrybox is one of the biggest names in Smash, and when it comes to melee combat, he is a candidate for GOAT status, having won almost all major tournaments that esports has to offer.

Chief Jigglypuff has even teamed up with traditional athletes at special events, working alongside people like UFC legend Daniel Cormier and even NFL pro Le’Veon Bell.

Now it seems that success has paid off in the most unexpected places, when Clutchbox appears in a question from college students about Smash.

Pro Smash appears in a College Math Question

In a Twitter post, Hungrybox shared a DM sent to him by a fan with a photo of a laptop open for a math question with the caption “Smash makes its way into my statistics class.”

The fan stated that it was not his class, but rather their friend, and wanted to share the discovery with the professional Team Liquid Melee himself.

The mathematical question itself concerns the gameplay of Hungrybox. First, he prepares the ground by explaining to students: “When Hungrybox hovers over the edge, it uses b-air 60% of the time, n-air 20% of the time, d-air 10% of the time and u-air 10% of the time.”

Next, students are asked to determine: “What is the probability that he will use b-air in his next attack, given that he has just used b-air in his current attack?”

The players were amazed by the discovery, and some of them wanted their own educational experience to be the same.

“Damn, I wish my probability class was like this,” one of them remarked.

“I like what he says, what are the chances he’s using b-air again, and the problem is that it’s statistically likely, but in [Ultimate] hell no, since you’ve been deployed,” said another, commenting as a question specifically about melee.

It’s unclear which school used this question, but it’s wild to see how Hungrybox and Smash are making their way to high levels of education.


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