The sky turns orange in San Francisco due to fires


While the fires that continued in different regions in the state of California in the USA burned 144 thousand acres of land, the color of the sky in San Francisco city turned orange.

Long-running fires in the US state of California endanger the lives of citizens. Firefighters continue to extinguish the fire that cannot be controlled. It has been announced that the Creek fire that started on Friday has burned 144,000 acres of land so far.

After the ongoing fires throughout the state, the sky turned orange in the city of San Francisco. It was stated that the color change in the sky was due to a fire near Mendocino National Forest in the north of the state. While San Francisco residents were shocked when they looked outside, they quickly started sharing photos they took with their mobile phones on social media.

On the other hand, California Governor Gavin Newsom said on social media yesterday, “More than 2 million acres of land burned in the USA this year and we have not reached the busiest fire season”. Newsom announced that 7 thousand 606 fires broke out in 2020, affecting 2.3 million acres of land, and are more active than last year.

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