The Sinner: Season 4 Will Be The Last Of The Series; See Details!


The Sinner: Detective Harry Ambrose’s disturbing cases are expected to come to an end with the conclusion of Season 4 of The Sinner. The USA Network series will not be renewed by the television network at the end of this season. In a press release, they promised a satisfying ending for fans.

The announcement was made by Derek Simonds, creator, showrunner and executive producer of the show, who has confirmed that the final episode of Season 4 will be the series finale for The Sinner.

End of The Sinner

According to Simonds, the series’ creativity has always received all the necessary support and, even with the ending announced so close, the conclusion will not be damaged.

“Universal Content Productions and the US have been ideal partners and continually support our creative goals, and I’m delighted to complete the dramatic arc of the Harry Ambrose series as we intended this final season,” said the show’s creator.

The Sinner showrunner also welcomed the opportunity to tell the story he created. “It was a great pleasure and a privilege to be able to tell the kind of stories we’ve had on The Sinner for the past four seasons,” celebrated Simonds.

In the statement, the creator also mentioned actor Bill Pullman, who plays Detective Ambrose, and others involved in the production. “A big thank you to my partner in crime, Bill Pullman, and to the talented actors, writers, directors and staff who have gone out of their way to help bring this show to life. It’s been an incredible journey,” concluded Simonds.