The Sims received special items for their 21st anniversary


Celebrating the 21st anniversary of its launch, The Sims series presents a 21-piece item set that includes new food, furniture items and many new outfits and make-up styles. Choosing the new items from the community of The Sims players was a nice gesture.

The Sims 4 continues to receive new items

New furniture items include a dining table and kitchen set designed to fit any decor style, as well as a chest of drawers, a bright red wardrobe and a medieval trio set. In addition, an eyebrow kit that can be applied to characters, a highlighter designed to complement all skin tones, a dark matte lipstick style and cosmetic makeup molds that can add crow’s feet for aging Sims were added.


New outfits include a knitted fox beret, yellow jeans and clothes for young children. As food, various flavors were added, including butter chicken and chocolate mousse dessert.

In the blog post about new items, the developer studio outlined their history with The Sims, the items they created, and why they chose to add them to the game. We also thanked users HeyHarrie, storylegacysims, peachyfaerie, peacemaker_ic, Luumia, icemunmun, grimcookies, Feral Poodles and AHarris00Britney for their contributions to the Anniversary package.

On the other hand, although it has been 6 years, The Sims 4 continues to be developed by getting update packages such as Star Wars.


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