The Simpsons’ Trump prophecy: Trump is dying!


The US’s longest running series The Simpsons predicted some events, and after the announcement that Trump and his wife were infected with the corona virus, the eyes turned the Simpsons’ Trump prophecy. The series is on the agenda with the claims that Donald Trump will be elected president, that there will be an explosion in Beyut, that a virus will come from China, this time Trump is dead. When Trump dies in social media and search engines, he is looking for an answer. Here are the prophecies of the Simpsons …

The Simpsons series came to the fore again. The corona virus of Trump and his wife reminded the Simpsons prophecies. In an episode of The Simpsons, Trump’s signing of August 27, 2020 as his death date, became the subject of social media again. Though, on the day marked as the date of Trump’s death, Trump had one of the historical nights of his life. He accepted the nomination for the 59th presidential elections to be held on 3 November, with a speech at the White House. Here are the prophecies of the Simpsons …

Beirut boom

After the explosion in Beirut, the capital of Lebanon, an old episode of The Simpsons was discussed on social media.

While it was seen that the mushroom-shaped cloud formed on the ground near the harbor as a result of a big explosion in Beirut spread everywhere, similar images were also published in part of The Simpsons.

Decapitation of the columbian statue

In the episode of the series The Telltale Head, Bart Simpson decapitates the statue of Jebediah Springfield, founder of the animated town of Springfield.

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In the anti-racist protest movement that started with the death of African-American George Floyd after police violence in the USA, protesters attacked the Columbus statue in Waterfront Park in Boston. Like Jebediah Springfield’s statue, the head of the statue was removed at midnight.

Corona virus

In an episode of the series published in 1993, the virus named Osaka Flu spreading from Japan is mentioned.

Trump’s election as president

In the Bart to Future episode published in 2000, the new president, Lisa Simpson, said, “As you know, we inherited a huge budget crack from President Trump,” and stated that Trump was president before him.

New Star Wars movies

He stated that new movies of Star Wars will be shot.

It is possible to see many prophecies similar to the ones listed in the series. It is seen in the episodes of the series where many topics from smartphones to smart watches, from crypto money to the September 11 attacks are already covered.


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