The Simpsons: the word in the series enters the dictionary


Once again, The Simpsons series has shown its great influence to the world. The production created by Matt Groening, who is currently showing his 32nd season on Fox, created the word Embiggens, in a 1996 episode, and it was recently recognized by a major English-language portal.

Embiggens first appeared during the broadcast of the 7th season, in the title “Lisa the Iconoclast” (Lisa, the Iconoclast, in a free translation). At the time, the most intelligent person in the Simpson family is devastated to discover that the founder of the city of Springfield, Jebediah Springfield, was actually a murderous pirate.

So, in wanting to share information with residents about Springfield’s real history, Lisa discovers that no one wants to acknowledge that her praised founder hated his people and was not at all perfect.

Embiggens: what does the word created in The Simpsons mean?

While viewing the episode, Lisa continues to look for evidence and sources that can show Jebediah Springfield’s true intentions.

When faced with the motto of the city – “a noble spirit embiggens the smallest of men” – some questions come up by the teacher Edna Krabappel, who had never heard of the term until moving to the city.

According to the definition of the virtual version of the Oxford English Dictionary and also the Merriam-Webster dictionary, which had already registered the word since 2018, Embiggens means “to make something bigger or expand”.

Now, with the addition to, one of the largest English-language reference portals in the United States, the word can be definitively included in the vocabulary of the whole world.

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