The Simpsons: Season 33 Will Feature Broadway Tributes


The Simpsons: Fox unveiled this past Monday (20) the first official posters of the special episode of The Simpsons, which is expected to introduce the 33rd season of the animated series. Titled “Star on the Backstage”, the chapter will be a strong Broadway-inspired musical, now focused on Marge Simpson’s past.

Announced during the San Diego Comic-Con At Home 2021 panel, “Star on the Backstage” will explore Marge’s past when she served as stage manager for her high school musical, Y2K: The Millennium Bug (Inspired by Rent) . Twenty years later, the character decides to re-enact her moments of glory to exalt her student memories, however, everything changes when she realizes that her memories are far from being a true artist’s dream.

The special will mark the introduction of new characters, such as selfish star Sasha Reed, a Broadway actress who returns to make life difficult for Marge. In addition, the chapter will feature seven exclusive songs, originally composed by Jack Dolgen and choreographers Kat Burns and David Hull, bringing references to classics such as Chicago, Wicked and The Music Man.

The first episode of season 33 of The Simpsons, which will be narrated entirely through songs, is set to air on September 26th. In Brazil, the full animation is available on Star+.


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