The Simpsons: Fans found unpublished game Dreamcast


An unannounced game of The Simpsons for the Dreamcast console was discovered by gamers. According to information from the North American website Kotaku, the material is part of a technical demonstration of the game called The Simpsons: Bug Squad.

The files were found in a kit for developers of the old Sega video game. In this case, the title was being produced by the British company Red Lemon Studios and was presented to Fox Interactive executives in October 2000.

The Simpsons: Bug Squad story follows a group of cockroaches that are infesting Homer’s family home. Thus, in controlling one of the insects, the preview lets the player explore the kitchen and living room of the famous residence.

With cel-shaded graphics, the scenarios convey the feeling of being inserted in Fox’s own animation. In addition, the characters in the popular drawing appear briefly and assume the role of insects ‘enemies’.

Showing a very curious concept, a video with excerpts from the demonstration was recently released on YouTube. Watch:

More fun facts about The Simpsons: Bug Squad

Andy Campbell, one of the founders of Red Lemon Studio, spoke with Dreamcastic Channel about the material recently revealed. Thus, the developer briefly explained why the project was never revealed to the public.

“I knew Fox executives very well, so we created this demo to present the game idea to them. However, we were never hired. Technically, this was never an official title in development, ”comments Campbell.

Finally, the developer also praised the team that worked on the demonstration. As well, he revealed that the game’s cel-shading technology was also presented as a tool for the production of episodes of the animated series.


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