The Simpsons: Adidas Announces Ned Flanders-inspired Sneakers


Although it seems unlikely, a new partnership between The Simpsons and Adidas has been announced. This time, the inspiring model for the brand’s new sneaker will be Ned Flanders, known as the left-handed neighbor of animation, a trait he’s very proud of.

The fashion company used it as a basis to create the design of a new sneaker, based on its already striking look today: brown, green and a light shade of red, which results in an interesting contrast between earthy tones. Remember that this is not the first partnership between them!

The Simpsons and Adidas: entertainment and fashion brought together

Krusty Burger and Moe, characters from the animation, have also been used by the brand as inspiration to give life to innovative models in the market. The ZX 10000 Krusty Burger and the ZX 1000 Flaming Moe’s incorporate the colors associated with the design in a creative and very beautiful way, so that the shoes can arouse the interest of the public and be bought.

A difference from the previous models in relation to the newer one, inspired by Ned Flanders, is that they had more vibrant and eye-catching colors, while the new release is simpler, to match Flanders itself.

This makes it more practical too, as it combines with more clothes and can be used in different situations, from the most serious to the most casual.

Remember that “Ned Flanders”, the new partnership between Adidas and The Simpsons, will be officially released on October 3rd.


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