The similarity of the animation ART Fight Forever and WE 2K22 is indicated in the comparative video


Last week, All Elite Wrestling showcased the most significant footage of its upcoming video game AEW Fight Forever at Gamescom in Germany. A live match played by AEW wrestler Colt Kabana was shown, in which Colt played Kenny Omega and AI played Adam Cole. Although it was clear that AEW Fight Forever was still in development and needed to be finalized, the reaction to the arcade wrestling game was positive. However, since then, a curious problem has arisen, which has been noticed, since the animation of AEW Fight Forever was compared to WWE 2K22.

The video, shot by the EspacioNX YouTube channel, combines footage of Kenny Omega’s match against Adam Cole from AEW Fight Forever with footage of WWE 2K22. Obviously, there is no Kenny Omega or Adam Cole in WWE 2K22, as they are AEW wrestlers, but they can be added to the game using mods superimposed on top of custom characters. In other words, animations are still part of WWE 2K22. A comparative video shows that the animation between the two games is strikingly similar, if not completely identical.

The first comparison in the video perhaps best demonstrates the problem. In the clip, Adam Cole falls backwards onto a running Kenny Omega, lifting Omega into the air and letting him fall. In the animation of the fall, Kenny’s hands shake, and then, after landing, Kenny squeezes his back in pain. Both animations are close to 1:1. There are good reasons to talk about wrestling moves between games that look similar in nature, but the specific details of the motion animation seem too similar to be a coincidence.

Then similar comparisons are made for additional movements of Kenny Omega and Adam Cole, including suplex, side suplex, kick in the corner, springboard, elbow in the jump, superstroke, elbow lasso and brain blow on the kneecap. They are all very similar in detail, although it’s hard to say if they are really the same animation.

The difficulty lies in the fact that Yuke is both a developer of AEW Fight Forever and a former developer of WWE 2K games. It is possible that Yuke uses the same animations or even created the animations used in WWE 2K22. If this is the case, then there are probably a lot of legal difficulties related to whether these animations are the property of Yuke or 2K, or they can be shared between them.

It is necessary to answer two questions arising from this strange situation. Firstly, are the animations in AEW Fight Forever really the same as in WWE 2K22 and possibly in other WWE 2K games? Secondly, if the answer to the first question is yes, then who has the rights to these animations? However, barring any legal issues, if the animation looks clear, wrestling fans are likely to be satisfied.

The release of AEW Fight Forever is tentatively scheduled for 2022 on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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