The Sifu summer update will be released soon, including a new scoring system and much more


Sifu was launched back in February 2022 and received generally positive reviews, with many fans praising its approach to the beat ’em up kung fu genre. They take on the role of a martial artist seeking revenge on those who killed his father, with the unique trick that every time he dies, he gets old. He brought a unique element of roguelike to the game, encouraging avid fans to defeat Sifu without aging a day.

Back in May, the developer Sloclap released a spring update of Sifu, which added complexity parameters, a user interface in dark mode, advanced training, new outfits and much more. Fans of the game have received it well, and now Sloclap has announced a free summer update, which is due to be released on August 31.

The free summer update from Sifu introduces new gameplay modifiers, a new scoring system and additional outfits for fans on PS4, PS5 and PC (via Epic Games Store). More will be revealed in the update notes, but these are the most important elements that fans should know about now. New gameplay modifiers can be turned on and off to make each Sifu playthrough easier or much more difficult, and fans can get infinite health, structure, and/or indestructible weapons, or even let enemies ignore the player’s guard. Other hardcore gameplay modifiers include strengthening enemies, reducing the protagonist’s HP to one, or removing aging.

In addition to this, Sloclap introduces a new scoring system that better reflects the player’s approach to fighting Sifu. It is said that he takes into account every kick, kick, cut and finish, evaluating players based on their smoothness, efficiency and variety of their movements. They will eventually get a rating based on how well they perform.

Finally, two additional outfits will be added to the Sifu. The first is called the Enforcer armor, which dresses the main character in a suit of tactical equipment, and it is available only to those who own the luxury edition of Sifu. The second one is available to everyone and is called Master Hand. He promises players a sleek cape and a stylish hat, and of course players will need to avoid incoming attacks to keep their clothes intact.

Obviously, August 31 is just around the corner, so fans will be able to appreciate these new features in Sifu very soon. Fans can expect official patch notes from developer Sloclap as the date approaches.

Sifu is now available for PC, PS4 and PS5.


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