The Siege of Portchester from Assassin’s Creed Valhalla


We explain how to complete Plunder from the South, Eat Ash, Siege of the Walls in Assassin’s Creed Valhalla at 100% to get Platinum.

The time has come to rescue Sigurd from the clutches of the Order. Sieges, battles and shocking revelations are coming. Therefore, and as part of this complete guide, we detail how to complete this saga 100%.

Looting from the south

Basim will be at the Croydon (Suthesexe) longhouse. Guthrum and Basim will assign us to assassinate the three scouts in the vicinity. The first will be on a hill about 300 meters from the place, already dead. After confirming his death we will go about 400 meters south, to the banks of the river. The last one will be about 500 meters to the west, at Chichester Abbey near a large wooden arch. When we have finished with the three sentinels we can go to the forest south of the abbey. A massive battle will take place there. We will end the confrontation fighting against a Fulke champion. If we spare his life we ​​will have to fight him again later. With Brothir’s body in tow we will return to the camp.

Surprise arrival

After we regroup with Stowe, Stowe will ask us to let him negotiate to avoid the attack. Even if our ally negotiates, the assault will still take place, so you can answer what you prefer. In our case we let you try the peaceful way. After cleaning the camp we will have finished the mission.

Eat ash

Ubba will be in Guildford. Our mission here is to burn enough silos to fill the indicator bar on the left. To locate the silos we must resort to the sight of Odin and our raven. When they have all exploded we will have finished the mission.


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