The siege around Huawei’s mobile unit is relieving


The encirclement around Huawei is likely to relax a bit, at least in terms of its mobile unit. According to The Financial Times; It will be able to purchase components not linked to 5G from companies such as Huawei, Samsung and Sony.

It was stated that Huawei will be allowed to supply components that cannot be used in 5G network equipment. “We have been reported that there is no problem with mobile device processors,” said a senior manager of an Asian processor manufacturer.

Samsung Display previously licensed components to Huawei. It is said that Sony and OmniVision are also given a green light for the sale of image sensors to Huawei. Sony’s imaging unit warned Huawei that its profits could fall due to denial of component sales.

Qualcomm and MediaTek will also be licensed to work with Huawei, according to analysts. This means that Huawei’s problem with the processor can be solved. Restrictions were previously imposed on the company’s purchase of MediaTek processors developed with American technologies.

There is no information yet on when TSMC can start selling products to Huawei. If this permission is issued, it will be possible for Huawei to produce its own Kirin processors. However, some experts say that in the US, the Trump administration may squeeze Huawei by not licensing even Qualcomm and MediaTek in a short time.

The uncertainty in mobile services still continues. Even if Huawei takes care of itself without Google’s mobile services, it will not be a surprise that the relaxation experienced on the hardware side will reflect on the software side.


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