The Showrunner of The Series “A Million Little Things” Talks About The Final Season, and It Seems to Gary That Everything Is Not Too Good


Loyal viewers of “A Million Little Things” got a hard punch in the gut due to the final twist of season 4, which revealed that Gary wasn’t actually declared healthy from cancer at the beginning of the season, as we were led to believe. In the same episode that gave us the wonderful news that he and Maggie are expecting a baby, we were immediately made to wonder if and how long Gary will be in his child’s life. The fifth and final season of the ABC drama is just around the corner, and if showrunner Terrence Coley’s comments are any indication, we could all be heartbroken.

Terrence Coley and “A Million Little Things” creator D.J. Nash spoke with Deadline in preparation for the return of the ABC drama on February 8, with which the “Farewell Season” will begin. The Secret that Gary (James Roday Rodriguez) and Maggie (Allison Miller) hiding from their friends—and from us —in season 4 will obviously become an important plot point after Rome (Romani Malko) accidentally got into Gary’s recorded confession about his lung cancer. diagnosis. Kohli spoke about how season 5 will repeat what close friends experienced in season 1, saying:

It looks like a book stand. A group of friends is going to rally around Gary. They were there to reach [ sic ] others and manifested themselves through all trials and tribulations.

What’s interesting is that the showrunner calls it “the book’s conclusion,” and since the Boston buddies got together in the first season after the suicide of their friend John (Ron Livingston), does that mean there will be another death to end the series? ?

One of those who knows the answer to this question is D.J. Nash, who knew from the very beginning how he wanted to end the story. Nash explained:

When I shoot a pilot episode, I like to know where it ends. We knew from the beginning that this was where we were going. This is a secret that has been kept between the EP and the writers for a long time.

D.J. Nash came to the series with a strong opinion about some of his stories. No matter how soapy some of the plots may be (ahem, Gary’s attack on Sophie’s teacher), the writers want other aspects to remain authentic. The decision that Eddie (David Gintoli) would never walk again was one that Nash felt very strongly about, because while he admits it would be good for television, “it doesn’t fit the journey that most people with paralysis go through.”

Gary’s cancer and Rome’s depression are two more examples, as the creator had previously indicated that both of these illnesses recur, so these characters always had a plan to keep facing these battles. What this quest for authenticity means for Gary’s fate remains to be seen.

Find out what will happen in the final season of “A Million Little Things” below:

The premiere of the fifth season of “A Million Little Things” will take place at 22:00 Korean time. ET Wednesday, February 8, on ABC. In the meantime, if you need to refresh your memory of the entire drama, the first four seasons are available for streaming on a Hulu subscription, and be sure to check out our TV program for 2023 to find out what other premieres are expected in the near future.


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