The show of the 70s: 10 main characters and their friends-doppelgangers


The announcement of the “90s Show” attracts many newcomers to the “70s Show” fandom, as the return of new characters is confirmed, and many other assumptions are the subject of discussion. Since fans are looking forward to the new show, it’s time to review the original series and the Friends series.

The 70s Show and Friends have a lot in common, despite the age difference between the characters. Covering various backgrounds of everyday life, one dedicated to school life and the other following characters who begin their adult lives, both shows are beloved sitcoms with a hilarious cast of characters and incredible jokes. Following similar versions of the narrative, it is not so difficult to find an analogue of the Show of the 70s in Friends.

Bob Pinciotti — Jack Geller

Most importantly, they are wonderful parents who care very much about their children, they just don’t seem to accept that they are no longer children.

Red Forman – Gunther

Although Gunther is not one of the main characters like Red, they have too much in common. They both have a strict sense of humor and a noticeable bad temper, but they can easily turn into the nicest people when their loved one is present. In general, they are both harsh and strict, but Red can be a good father, and Gunther can be a good friend… Well, from time to time.

For Red and Gunther, there is nothing more difficult than to apologize, because their pride is bigger than a skyscraper. Although Red sometimes shows his love for Kitty, he tries to break the character only when no one is around. This is not Gunther’s area of expertise, and he might have spent a year or two in Korea with Red to get a little stronger.

Leo — Frank Buffay Jr.

Leo and Frank Jr. focus on feelings, lightness and never get too tense. When Ross and Joey cornered Frank Jr. to convince him to think twice before marrying Alice so quickly, he easily turned the whole conversation around. Just like him, Leo always manages to translate serious conversations into something banal and funny.

Every fan wants Leo to return to the “90s Show.” Both Frank Jr. and he are tough guys who won’t worry about anything, because the task of making them lose patience is almost impossible. It’s curious to think how Frank Jr. would act if he consumed the slightest amount of weed that Leo usually consumes.

Kitty Foreman – Alice Knight

Not only are they played by the same actress, Debra Jo Rupp, these two characters also seem to have the same personality. Despite the fact that Alice is not repeated in “Friends”, her brief appearances are enough to connect her with the sweetest mother from the “70s Show.”

They are also part of one of the cutest couples on the show and often play a crucial role in keeping their husbands in line. Full of personality, friendly and sensitive, Kitty and Alice are reliable and responsible friends who are always ready to offer you their love.

Donna Pinciotti — Monica Geller

Although Donna is much more patient and reserved than Monica, they are among the most sensitive and tactful characters in their shows. Domineering in a good way, Donna and Monica are a kind of mother figure of the group, whether they like it or not (but, of course, they like it). They are so sympathetic to everyone that it ends up annoying because they make fools of themselves from time to time because of it.

Especially when it comes to romance, they both don’t want to let go, but when that time finally comes, they usually draw the line forever. It’s part of their caring figure.

Stephen Hyde — Chandler Bing

Hyde and Chandler have two different styles when it comes to looks, but their characters are much more similar than fans might assume. Despite the fact that they are often introspective members of their group, when it comes to interacting with others, both have a complicated family history, and they always resort to humor and sarcasm when they feel uncomfortable, or simply because why not?

If Hyde had to do the same thing as Chandler, spend the whole day not laughing at anyone, he would also go crazy. Stephen and Chandler’s clumsiness at social events is painfully funny and ridiculous, and the way they try to hide their insecurities with jokes is often cute.

Jackie Burkhart — Rachel Green

Jackie and Rachel are the characters who have changed the most in their respective sitcoms. Both come from wealthy families and are among the most popular in their social circle, they decided to go in a different direction after meeting with their friends. Of course, Jackie may have been more reluctant to accept her friendship with Eric, Hyde, Fez and the rest of the gang, but her evolution towards the end of the show is obvious.